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A talk on interview skills
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A talk on interview skills

2004-03-09       - By Jian Zhang

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Hi, there will be a talk on interview skills this Friday. See the details
below. Sorry for bothering people not interested.

Topic - Skill that you need for interview - understand what they want and
you need to win.

Last few years it has been tough for getting jobs - new or experienced. If
you are in the high technique area, the pressure and opporunity are even
worse. How to present yourself, know what employers want and finally win?

Speaker - Chiu Chau, VP of Biotech.

Time: March 12th, Friday
Dinner will be served on 6:30pm, and the program will start at 8:00pm.
Location: SERC 202 (Science and Engineering Resource Center, Busch Campus)

-- Rutgers Bible Study Group

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