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Car for sale
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Nissan Altima 94 for sale $1700
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1991 Toyota Camry DX (V6) for sale
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Anyone can recommend an auto A/C facility?

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I fix computers, RU Students get discounts

hardware troubleshooting to software repair of Operating systems including Windows XP Home/Pro Windows 2000 Windows ME/98SE/98/95 etc... Full hardware/software diagnostics - $25 -This include

playing tennis doubles

I am in mid 30 's (so I no longer runs like deer so prefer similar age) intermediate level need three more to join me Interested let me know. Thanks Wu

looking for 1 or 2 bedroom apt

Hui +

One bedroom on Busch available now, female only

You will have your own bedroom and share the bathroom kitchen and the living room with a female. Also you may share internet TV refrigerator and microwave oven. The water electricity and

how to apply Canada visa?

Jun Hou +

Job fair in New York

refer to the details in the following document. in College of Foreign Language in Shanghai.doc Thanks! Xiaohua +

seafood festival

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Free TV channel for soccer lovers


Live Music in New Brunswick Friday

bring you an evening of live music and giveaways this Friday at the Somerset Inn. We will be playing covers from some of our favorite artists including The Rolling Stones Foo Fighters Guns N Ro

GREAT VOIP PHONE DEAL unlimited US and Canada $199 THE WHOLE YEAR W/O Tax andFEE

info please see https // %2Findex&promoCode 7325880077&x 15&y 9 or you can find the promotion code on GREAT VOIP PHONE D

One nice large bed-room for sublet is availble from 6/25 to 10/1


Carpool to Boston this weekend or next weekend

Interested person please call Dan@(protected)

2005 Annual Picnic Party of Tsinghua Alumni Association o

Don 't waste your time, and HUNT DOWN ABUSER

I am writing for 2 objective 1. Please ingore that email offer. It 's a dirty joke. You would waste your time writing him/her anything about your favorite music as he/she requested to get your CD.

Share a Two-Bedroom Nearby Busch/Livingston Campus?

and Livingston Campuses and close to major Asian supermarkets many resturants bus lines and New Brunswick train station. Safe neighborhood and garden-like community. Swimming pool and tennis cou

Music CDs to Give Away for Free

I will sell most of them at low prices for sure but will also give some away for free. If you can enumerate one of your favorite CDs and it happens to be in my collection I will give it to you

Looking for box only

Thanks Jim +

A new student need to be picked up from JFK on 18th June

information CGQCZ687 from Changchun to Seoul at 8 10 18th June (Time in Changchun) and ICNKE085 from Seoul to New York will arrive at Kennedy air port at 19 50 18th June(Time in New York).

21 "PC monitor for sale

If interest please email to aiminsang@(protected) or call 609-558-2492. Or you may take an on-site trial at Nichols Apt. Thanks.

latest GMAT materials needed

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open positon

preferred. The pay is 10 USD/hour. If you are interested please send your resume to jyi@(protected) first or call 732-603-9577 between 8 30 AM and 5 00 PM on business days. +

one bedroom available near Busch LSM from June 18

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Car for sale.

Great condition first owner. Asking price $12 000 or best offer. Pls call Connie @ 908-346-9590 for more details. Sorry to bother others. +

Toyota Camry Car for sale

Q2Fzc2V0dGUNCktlbGxleSBCbHVlIGJvb2sgbGlzdCBwcmljZSAyODAwDQpBc2sgZm9yIDIy MDAsIG5lZ290aWFibGUuDQpQbGVhc2UgY29udGFjdCBSaXRhIGF0Og0KcGVpbGluZ2h1QGdt YWlsLmNvbQ0KU29ycnkgdG8gYm90aGVyIG90aGVycy4 --Bou

Looking for a small air conditioner for a friend

number I will contact ASAP. Thanks for your attention and sorry to bother others Wei Qi

Looking for family house in New Brunswick

What other qualifications you want to know about me Please do not hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to response! Thank you! Sincerely Qiulin Ma

looking for traveling partners-TWO FEMALES

a letter for Xue Liu

mail and I will keep this lette for 2weeks.Thanks. Sorry for bothering others.

a femal granduate student need a room from the end of Jul.

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