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cssa: need one bedroom

Hi guys I need one bedroom if you have any relevant information please reply me. 740-593-1690 740-274-9514 Thanks. Have a nice day! Yafei Guan yafei guan department of phsics

cssa: Columbus Airport

Anybody goes to columbus airport on Tuesday morning or early afterrnoon? I can disburse the gasoline cost. You can reach me at 440-506-9019. Sorry for bothering others. Regards Fei __________

cssa: moving sale

<html > <div style 'background-color ' > <DIV class RTE > <P >Hello </P > <P >I am moving out on June 20th and I have some things to sell if you are interested please contact me at 740-274-0725. </P > <P >1

cssa: looking for a two-bedroom apartment

Hi. I am looking for a two-bedroom apartment in phase 2 of Carriage Hill from Aug. Sep. Oct. or Nov. Please email me if you have one for sublease. Thanks. Dan Wang

cssa: looking for a bedroom and a roommate

Hi every one I am a new student coming to OU from China this fall. I want to rent a bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment (preferable) or 3-bedroom apartment from early September at Athens Gard

cssa: new student asks for housing

This is a new one from Beijing. Speech pathology department Male 26 non-smking Need a place to share with you. Encl Pic <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//

cssa: One bedroom of a 3-bedroom apt available, Athens Garden

Hi As title. from 20 June. The rent is about $215 including all utilities internet and cable. First Come First Serve. Reply this email or call 740-593-7587. Regards Jinfei Zhang

cssa: Looking for an apartment

Hi I am looking for a place to stay from coming Sept (probably less than a year). I can consider a whole apartment (3 bedroom) at garden. Please email me if you have any place for sublease or rent

cssa: Thesis show in Bentiey Hall Rm 140-- free

Thesis show in Bentiey Hall Rm. 140 at 8 00 pm on Thursday June 9th. who want to know more please contact to Jaehyuu Park Email maricinema@(protected) Tel 592-3472 film graduate stud

looking for a room with furniture at garden

If anyone has a room to be available from late August or early September at Athens Garden with the furniture included for sale please let me know. Thanks! <P >If anyone has a room to be available fr

cssa: Summer Sublease

Hi there There is a big bedroom in Carriage hill available from 15th till August 18th. You can use all furniture and kitchen utensils. Rent negotiable. Call 740-591-5830 or email me back. S

cssa: air conditioner for sale

Hi everyone There is a used air conditioner for sale asking $35 (O.B.O). It works quite well and can quickly cool down a living room. If interested pls call 274-9250. Limin _____

cssa: FYI: Exciting tour packages to Yellow Stone, California, Hawaii

Check for some Exciting tour packages to Yellow Stone California Hawaii and other sceneric places. The website has a Chinese version the price is cheap. For example Yel

cssa: ~~~SALE~~~

Some stuff is for sale TV with VCR (13-inch color remote control manual included) TV stand (wood small) Telephones (2 cordless 1 with cord) Coffee maker Tent Hand clipper

cssa: Christian faith expressed in Mandarin

End of the quarter greetings from Ohio University Chinese Bible Study Group(OUCBSG)!! Yingguang Liu an OU alumnus will join us from Wisconsin this Friday to share his experience as a ch

cssa: Looking for a One-bed room apt.

Dear all One of my friends from Hong Kong is looking for a one-bed room apt. from this Fall. She prefers to live close to campus around 10 mins to library. At least 1-3 year lease will be needed

cssa: Need Ride to NY...

Hi Everybody A friend of mine is looking for a ride to New York between June 9 and June 14. Please find his message below. If you would like to share ride with him please contact Ayder Kurtiev

cssa: One bedroom available in Athens Garden

Hi there There is one bedroom available in three bedroom apartment in Athens Garden from June. The rent is $215 including all utilities internet and cable. Anyone interested in this apart

cssa: Looking for a place

Hi everyone I am looking for one bedroom to live from July 1st. Infor Male quiet. Prefer Male roomates quiet place. Any information are welcomed. Reply this email or call me @ 593-7687.

cssa: RE: Need a Room in Summer 2005?

<html > <div style 'background-color ' > <P class MsoNormal style "MARGIN 0in 0in 0pt " > <FONT size 3 > <FONT face "Times New Roman " >One bedroom in a luxurious 4 bedroom apartment at the University Courtyard

cssa: TV and furniture needed

Hi Sorry to bother others. I��d like to buy a used TV as well as some furniture like tea table and sofa. If anyone has such information please let me know. Thanks a lot. Wenzhi Lin Tel 58

cssa: Free English Classes

The free English classes are not for everyone. You must have certain visas to qualify. I think that you cannot take classes if you are J-1. Be sure to check. If you can take them they are great!!!

cssa: Free English Classes for International Adults

English Education Center Free English Classes for Internatinal Adults! New classes starting in July... For more information or to reserve an enrollment spot in July 's class email gable5@(protected)

cssa: PINLESS phone card to China only 1.68c/min

Use high quality calling card from http // to give your beloved family a call !!! PINLESS no connection fee no maintanance fee Use discount code 2005 to get a 5% discount.

cssa: Help Needed

<html > <div style 'background-color ' > <DIV class RTE >Hi All </DIV > <DIV class RTE >  </DIV > <DIV class RTE >A local student rental company is looking for couple students to do some house cleaning. <

cssa: Need a room or a roommate

Hello everyone- I need a room or a roommate to sign a new lease from mid-June. Female preferred. Thanks a lot! Feijie

cssa: second hand tennis racket for sale

hi there 1. Prince NXG graphite midplus 4 3/8 excellent condition this brand racket was previously used by Juan carlos ferreo original price is 179.9 dollar now only ask for 80 dollar

cssa: Famous American brand health supplement

It is time to take care of the health of yourself and your family. is a distributor of the famous American brand health supplement. The manufacturer is one of the biggest health s

Re: cssa: need opinion: which cell phone company has best signal in

Hi I have a T mobile plan and it works well in Athens (and everywhere else). There is no roaming fees (very important) and I have 600 minutes + free calls during the week end and from 9pm ever

cssa: need opinion: which cell phone company has best signal in Athens?

Hi I am thinking of getting a cell phone. Could you give me some opinion on it? Which company 's signal is best in Athens Cingular Sprint Verizon or T-mobile? Is there some good deals before J
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